Andy Roddick Holds Court With Media Before Powershares Series Tennis Circuit Debut

Andy Roddick

The following is the transcript of Wednesday’s PowerShares Series Media Conference Call with Andy Roddick.   ANDY RODDICK RANDY WALKER: Thank you all for joining today.  We're happy to welcome to the PowerShares Series tennis circuit in 2014 and to our call today Andy Roddick. Andy is going to be making his PowerShares Series debut on February 13th in Birmingham, Alabama, and will … [Read more...]

Opinion: Grand Slam Wealth Should Be Re-Distributed More To Better Promote Global Tennis Growth

Dan O’Connell and the Pacific Oceania All-Star team at the 2010 Australian Open

by Dan O'Connell The following are personal views of myself, Dan O'Connell, based on an international career that began as a United States Peace Corps Tennis Coach and led to nearly four decades based in Africa and Oceania.  This paper is meant for tennis players and leaders to consider / improve.  I believe we all wish for: fair play in sports – worldwide.  In 1986, the Wimbledon … [Read more...]

The Next Generation.


By Daniel McAleer. While it seems inconceivable that the likes of Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal can go on forever, particularly the latter two, lets take a look at some of the next generation of players who could become the flag-bearers for men's tennis when the unimaginable does eventually become a reality.   Kei Nishikori: The … [Read more...]

Australian Open – Great Women’s Champions

serena williams

David Cox looks at some of the greatest female Australian Open champions in the Open era.   Margaret Court Court won 11 Australian Open singles titles in all, an incredible haul which will almost certainly never be bettered and although seven of those came before the Open Era, she continued her success after turning professional. Court triumphed from 1969-1971, sweeping the majors in … [Read more...]

Marinko Matosevic: The forgotten Aussie

Bosnian-born Australian Marinko Matosevic has risen from outside the top 200 at year's start, to inside the top 50 next week.

By James Crabtree Australia’s Marinko Matosevic started the year at ranked 203. He is now placed within the top 50. Sadly, the new Australian number one is not a household name. Now this is not the moment to stress out and point the finger. And don’t blame Bernard Tomic and call him a disappointment, decide he needs a new coach, tell him he needs a new game plan, advise him to shape up … [Read more...]

Superstitions, Rituals, Habits and a little OCD

Nadal and his habits

By James A. Crabtree Imagine watching teletubbies every day for two weeks. This would be a pretty hard task for anybody above the age of three unless, of course, you are Goran Ivanisevic on the way to your 2001 Wimbledon title and it is all part of your ritual. Add facial hair growth to a list that includes not walking on the lines, eating the same meals daily and always requesting the same … [Read more...]

Top 10 moments of Roger Federer’s career


By Lisa-Marie Burrows Roger Federer is one of the most famous sportsmen on the planet.  He is never seen in the papers due to scandal but only for his superb, outstanding achievements during his astonishing career. In fact, his career has been so prosperous that it is possible to run out of superlatives to describe his talent and the many records he has made and broken over the years. This … [Read more...]

Is Andy Murray a choker?

Murray agony

By James A. Crabtree Is Andy Murray a choker? Or is that a horribly unfair label considering the current crop of tennis geniuses around him? Now, we all know that out of his four finals this was by far his best performance. And we can only imagine what would have happened if he, at one set up and four games all, had converted one of those break points, or if the roof hadn’t been closed, … [Read more...]

The Tennis Academy

Spartak Tennis Club in Moscow

Technique + Attitude + Discipline + Perspective + Ability + Psychological Aptitude x Hard Work = Tennis Superstar? These are just some of the attributes a tennis player needs. There are few distinct ways to grow a tennis superstar. You can have a coach in the family like Uncle Toni or you can become a coach like Richard Williams. You can be part of a structured club system such as the old French … [Read more...]

Player of the Week: Serena Williams

Player of the Week: Serena Williams

By PJ Yeong Serena Williams Current WTA Rank: 6 Age: 30 Born: Saginaw, Michigan, USA Resides: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA Best Known For: Winning 13 Grand Slam singles titles, 12 Grand Slam women's doubles titles and 2 Grand Slam mixed doubles titles. Career Titles: 40 Love her, hate her, or ambivalent towards her, it is hard to argue against the fact that Serena Williams is one … [Read more...]

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