“The Days of Roger Federer” Book Now Available For Sale

The Days Of Roger Federer

"The Days of Roger Federer" - a book that documents matches, life events and facts on tennis legend Roger Federer with unique day-by-day summaries - is now available for sale in hard and electronic formats. The book is available for $19.95 where books are sold, including here on Amazon.com: … [Read more...]

Who’s The Favorite To Win The Men’s Singles Title at Wimbledon?

Andy Murray

This year’s Wimbledon championship started out on a regular note with no major upsets in the first few rounds. There are some strong challengers and amongst them are seasoned veterans, who were out of the top rankings. But it is such presence that makes this year’s championship one of the most exciting. This is the time in the championship when the favourites have found their rhythm and … [Read more...]

“This Day In Tennis” Mobile App Now Also On Kindle

"On This Day In Tennis History" at www.TennisHistoryApp.com

NEW YORK – “On This Day In Tennis History,” the book and mobile app that documents daily anniversaries of historic and unusual events in tennis history, is now available as an electronic Kindle download. The new electronic version – and the mobile app – have been updated with recent tennis happenings into 2014. The Kindle edition of the compilation is available for $7.99 here on … [Read more...]

Why Federer will win the French Open!

Federer Clay Rome

by Thaddeus McCarthy I must be the only person out there who predicts such a conclusion. But I am saying it now, that my prediction for the mens' winner this year is for Roger Federer to lift the crown. Why am I predicting this? For a number of reasons: Firstly, Federer has not failed to reach the Quarterfinals since 2004. He has been a finalist 4 times, losing each time to Rafael Nadal. … [Read more...]

The Greatest Clutch Player of All-Time


By Thaddeus McCarthy This week I will be discussing who was the greatest men’s closer in the Open-Era. This is the person who, when the chips were down, would rise to the occasion. When victory was in sight, they would nail down the big serve or hit a punishing return winner. As the criteria for this argument I will consider the importance of the occasions they repeatedly closed out, the … [Read more...]

Historical Hometown Rivalries


By Thaddeus McCarthy The Monte Carlo final last week featured Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka, currently world number 3 and 4, who both come from Switzerland. This happens to first time that a Swiss pair has clashed in an ATP tournament final since Marc Rossett and Federer met in 2000. But it is not the first time that we have seen a home country clash. In fact it was only a couple of days … [Read more...]

The Role of Height In Tennis


by Thaddeus McCarthy It strikes me as slightly odd that the three greatest players of the modern era (Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Pete Sampras), all share exactly the same height, i.e. 1.85m. I know that having above average height helps a tennis player, as they can get greater trajectory on their serve (a point originally made by Bill Tilden, who at 6 foot 2, was a big man for his era). … [Read more...]

Nadal needs to watch his back

Rafael Nadal

by Thaddeus McCarthy With the Monte Carlo Masters coming up I can feel the excitement brewing in the tennis world. Monte Carlo is a fantastic event, and is certainly one I have on my bucket list to go to. Nadal is perhaps the most famous player of the event, having won it eight times between 2005 and 2012. He lost it last year though to Novak Djokovic. It just so happens that right now, happens … [Read more...]

Andy Roddick Holds Court With Media Before Powershares Series Tennis Circuit Debut

Andy Roddick

The following is the transcript of Wednesday’s PowerShares Series Media Conference Call with Andy Roddick.   ANDY RODDICK RANDY WALKER: Thank you all for joining today.  We're happy to welcome to the PowerShares Series tennis circuit in 2014 and to our call today Andy Roddick. Andy is going to be making his PowerShares Series debut on February 13th in Birmingham, Alabama, and will … [Read more...]

“Super Saturday Redux” – Cash, Lendl, Connors, McEnroe To Play PowerShares Events In Nashville, Charlotte

John McEnroe

Pat Cash, Ivan Lendl, John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors will reprise their epic "Super Saturday" semifinal matches from the 1984 US Open at PowerShares Series tournaments in Nashville and Charlotte in 2014, InsideOut Sports & Entertainment announced today. Thirty years after their fabled semifinal confrontations at Flushing Meadows, Cash will play against Ivan Lendl and McEnroe will compete … [Read more...]

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