The Role of Height In Tennis


by Thaddeus McCarthy It strikes me as slightly odd that the three greatest players of the modern era (Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Pete Sampras), all share exactly the same height, i.e. 1.85m. I know that having above average height helps a tennis player, as they can get greater trajectory on their serve (a point originally made by Bill Tilden, who at 6 foot 2, was a big man for his era). … [Read more...]

Nadal needs to watch his back

Rafael Nadal

by Thaddeus McCarthy With the Monte Carlo Masters coming up I can feel the excitement brewing in the tennis world. Monte Carlo is a fantastic event, and is certainly one I have on my bucket list to go to. Nadal is perhaps the most famous player of the event, having won it eight times between 2005 and 2012. He lost it last year though to Novak Djokovic. It just so happens that right now, happens … [Read more...]

Titanic’s Tennis Ties Narrated In “Titanic: The Tennis Story” Book

"Titanic: The Tennis Story"

Each April, Titanic historians – and those fascinated with the tragedy – pay homage to the anniversary of the famous ship sinking on April 15, 1912. Those Titanic enthusiasts, as well as admirers of tennis and the famous “Titanic” movie, should also have a look at the historical novel “Titanic: The Tennis Story” that narrates the incredible story of two tennis players, Dick Williams … [Read more...]

“Andy Murray: Wimbledon Champion” Book Released By New Chapter Press In The USA

"Andy Murray: Wimbledon Champion" book

"Andy Murray: Wimbledon Champion: The Full Extraordinary Story,” the new book documenting the life of Andy Murray and his history-making championship at Wimbledon in 2013, is now available in paperback in the United States. "Andy Murray: Wimbledon Champion,” written by veteran tennis journalist Mark Hodgkinson and available here on … [Read more...]

Tennis Bracketology


Everyone from the President of the United States, to television hosts and personalities, to your local bartender and mailman are talking about brackets. Of course, it is "March Madness" in the United States, the three weeks the make up the NCAA Basketball Championships where 68 teams compete for the championship in a single elimination tournament that measures up similarly to a Masters 100 … [Read more...]

Andy Roddick Holds Court With Media Before Powershares Series Tennis Circuit Debut

Andy Roddick

The following is the transcript of Wednesday’s PowerShares Series Media Conference Call with Andy Roddick.   ANDY RODDICK RANDY WALKER: Thank you all for joining today.  We're happy to welcome to the PowerShares Series tennis circuit in 2014 and to our call today Andy Roddick. Andy is going to be making his PowerShares Series debut on February 13th in Birmingham, Alabama, and will … [Read more...]

Sampras & Sports’ Life Lessons: “Nothing Is Given To You, You Have To Earn It”

Pete Sampras

Pete Sampras spoke of the life lessons of sports - saying "Nothing is given to you, you have to go out there and earn it" - this week in a radio interview with Grant Napear of KHTK Radio in Sacramento, Calif., where he will be competing in the PowerShares Series tennis circuit event February 26 at the Sleep Train Arena. “In life, in a lot of ways, you see a lot of people get breaks when they … [Read more...]

Mixed approaches for top men pre-Australian Open

Australian Open

The elite of men’s tennis have endured contrasting fortunes so far during the first week of the new season. With the inaugural Grand Slam of 2014 starting on January 13 it is worth evaluating what these results, or lack of them, may signify. At the very pinnacle of the rankings, all seems well with world number one Rafael Nadal who has progressed through the early rounds at Doha. Any worries … [Read more...]

“Super Saturday Redux” – Cash, Lendl, Connors, McEnroe To Play PowerShares Events In Nashville, Charlotte

John McEnroe

Pat Cash, Ivan Lendl, John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors will reprise their epic "Super Saturday" semifinal matches from the 1984 US Open at PowerShares Series tournaments in Nashville and Charlotte in 2014, InsideOut Sports & Entertainment announced today. Thirty years after their fabled semifinal confrontations at Flushing Meadows, Cash will play against Ivan Lendl and McEnroe will compete … [Read more...]

Rick Macci, Coach of Five No. 1 Players, Debuts New Book “Macci Magic”

Macci Magic

“MACCI MAGIC: Extracting Greatness From Yourself and Others,” the new inspirational book by renowned tennis coach Rick Macci, is now available for sale and download, New Chapter Press announced today. “MACCI MAGIC,” available where books are sold, including here on … [Read more...]

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