Prepare To Go Petkorazzi

By Lewis Davies

Andrea Petkovic has only played eight matches all year (Photo: William West / AFP)

I love women’s tennis a copious amount but this season feels like it’s been missing something. Because, while 2012 could be considered the year of the comeback, there have also been a few names going backward instead. Kim Clijsters’ swansong season has been blighted by injury, Agnes Szavay has only just returned to the tour herself and Rebecca Marino has completely disappeared. But for me, the biggest hole has been vacated by Andrea Petkovic.

Having ended her best year on tour in the top 10, the past few months have been tough for the German. A back injury in January forced her out of the Australian Open and kept her on the sidelines until April. A Fed Cup rubber and the opener of Stuttgart were her only matches until a horrendous ankle injury in the second round prevented her from partaking in the French Open, Wimbledon and the Olympic Games. Thankfully though, things look brighter. Her ranking hasn’t fallen too sharply and now – at number 27 in the world – she’s set for a long-awaited return at the courts of New Haven next week.

To celebrate this news and refresh our memories of one of the tour’s great personalities, here are the top five reasons why I love Andrea Petkovic. Feel free to add yours in the comments.

5) Rock ‘n’ roll lover

It’s one of the standard informal interview questions: what kind of music do you like? While many sport stars give the standard answer (Rihanna, Lady GaGa, etc.) Andrea loves a good headbang. From Bloc Party to Rage Against The Machine, her love of music – and variety of music at that – relates on so many levels.

A lesson for us all: Ignore the matching curtains and shirt, and concentrate on the music (Photo: Markus Hintzen /

4) Twitter legend

The tweets somewhat dried up during the lay-off but the occasional “I’m not dead. I’m still alive and bitchin'” reminders still made her more exciting to follow than Bieber. Admittedly with a timeline written in 40% German, it’s difficult to grasp the full picture sometimes but other highlights include a flirtatious exchange between herself and John Isner, hilariously captured here by Forty Deuce. It kind of makes you want to learn German and find out what we could be missing out on.


3) Petkorazzi YouTube channel

Nothing captured the zany world of Andrea Petkovic better than Andrea Petkovic herself. Videos in both German and English covered her personal career updates to the Petkorazzi’s Next Top Model competition. Guest stars including Novak Djokovic, Feliciano Lopez and Victoria Azarenka gave a glimpse into the informal side of a tennis professional’s lifestyle. Injury cut this venture short as well, so hopefully there will be a successful return in this department too.



2) How I Met Your Mother fan

Many guys admit to liking Barney Stinson because they wish they were him. Many women would say they would like to sleep with him. Andrea could very well be inclined to both. Several quotes and high five gestures have stemmed from the awesomeness of Neil Patrick Harris’ character including a mid-injury “when I’m sad, I just stop being sad and be awesome instead” tweet. Two truly inspirational figures.

Barney ponders another legendary idea while Andrea track-suits up

1) The Petko Dance

For many, including myself, this is what started the Petkorazzi fandom. First seen as a post-victory celebration at the 2010 US Open, the Petko Dance has been performed on every continent since by players and fans alike. Manifestations of the iconic dance have included the Petko Dunk but it’s the hip-shaking moves which captured the world that continues to be her trademark.


Lewis Davies is a freelance journalist in his final year of studying Sports Journalism at Staffordshire University. A notoriously keen follower of tennis, he's been known to watch matches at late hours in the evening and manages to keep tabs in lectures when the big ones are on. He's written various pieces on tennis and other sports for websites and newspapers but when he can't get his voice heard, he uses his blog Ace of Baseline. You can contact him at or follow him on Twitter @lewisdaviesss.

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